Regina Vorgang & W. Scott Miles

From abstraction and back again

How does an artist perceive her world and create an abstract design based on that perception?
How would another artist incorporate that work back into the environment that inspired it?

Those were the driving questions behind Origins, a collaborative exhibition
involving photography by W. Scott Miles and weavings created by Regina Vorgang.

Each pairing had a story.
In Home Again, Regina was inspired by sunlight dappling through trees in the orchard where sheep grazed.
The finished weaving was placed back on the grass under the trees, surrounded by the same grazing sheep that gave Regina the wool.
Scott’s photograph superimposes the abstract design back into the scene, and suddenly the connection between
the world and Regina’s abstracted vision becomes clear.

This synthesis is repeated for each of nine pairs of
weavings and photographs in the exhibition.

Home Again

Blue Lagoon W. Scott Miles (c)2018

Blue Lagoon

Horizons 2

Origins Paint Horse with Rug

Paint Horse