W. Scott Miles

Artist’s Statement

We are so firmly bound by the confines of time and space.
We exist in a three-dimensional physical scale and a fourth dimension of time.
Does this construct provide us with stability in our perceptions of the world?
Or are we imprisoned by our perceptions of time and space?

Over the years, I have been fascinated by how artists can represent the elements of time and space.
In my fine art work, I manipulate these elements to challenge the viewer’s perceptions.
Macro-imaging becomes my tool for spatial representation beyond the typical human experience.

Slow-motion video transforms the normal perception of time.
Audio elements can tie together the visual elements; or provide a counterpoint.
Installations allow me to create experiences that combine and contrast
these multimedia components and to share my explorations through my art.

Artist CV

Phantom High-Speed Set Construction

This video is a great way to show off just how fast I work while building my water tank set for high-speed imaging.

This time-lapse film shows setting up to shoot my flip book “Raindrop.”

Shot in my Ventura, CA studio at The Scientific Photographer