Artist’s Statement

A multimedia installation by W. Scott Miles, music by Another Electronic Musician

We often find that life consists of cycles of tension and release.
Using the metaphor of water drops riding on the surface tension of a pool of water, we can see
that the tension eventually releases and the water drop coalesces with the pool,
releasing a smaller droplet.

When we experience cycles of tension and release, do we emerge somehow reduced?
Are we less than we once were because of ongoing cycles of tension and release?
Does experiencing this representation activate the cycle of tension and release in the viewer,
or does it provide a meditative moment of respite?

W. Scott Miles

This video clip provides a brief preview of the full 3-minute video
component of the Tension | Release installation that will be part of the
Elements exhibition running from November 2 – December 15, 2018
at The Blackboard Gallery.