Regina Vorgang & Scott Miles

Soulful Collaboration

ORIGINS is the spark of Regina’s inspiration and Scott’s vision — colors, sights, and sounds — that contribute to the designs in Regina’s rugs.

The exhibition provides rare insight into the creative process. Exhibiting the rugs and photographs side by side, the viewer can see the scene and the abstracted interpretation of that scene in the weavings. This project is a collaboration between husband and wife who share creative expression in different media.

Regina enjoys using natural materials such as wool and linen that are renewable, warm, inviting, and lustrous. The connection between the natural materials used in the weavings and the natural environment led Regina and Scott to photograph her rugs in their inspirational spaces. This strengthens the connection between the rugs, the materials with which they are woven, and the sights the couple has seen in their travels and everyday life.

Origins Paint Horse with Rug